Me training Runescape skills.

Me training Runescape skills.

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// Runescape problems.//

I don’t have enough patience to get any skills to 99. Cooking was hard enough. Now I don’t know which to do. Ugh.


Okay um… I can’t think of a reason to do a give away so I’m just not going to give a reason :)
Hello and welcome to my Nothing Special RS Give Away I guess!
I’ve been thinking over the past like 12 minutes about the prizes and I’ve come up with the following:

1st Prize: 30m GEEPEEs


// COPS!//

All these anti cop posts. Hmm. My turn!

So first off, I won’t defend that piece of shit. He’s exactly that. A worthless human being. However, I will say that all these posts about how cops are all so horrible is wrong. Yeah, there are a lot of bad cops out there. A LOT. However, there are a lot of bad politicians, school teachers, lawyers, civil case workers, foster parents, etc. That doesn’t mean ALL of them are bad.

I know quite a few good, decent cops who are really just out doing their job trying to keep people safe, because that’s what they love to do. They put their lives on the line when on duty just to be able to do that. 

Stop hating on police, and instead, hate on the lowlife pieces of shit who call themselves cops because they have a gun and a badge. 

// Still need more Runescape friends!//

So, I still need more RS friends to talk with while I get back into the game! It’s been years since I’ve played and recently picked it back up. Please add me so I’m not so alone!  Dread_Fall 

I hope to see some awesome people real soon!! 

// Runescape 3//

So I haven’t played runescape in like 5 years. It’s completely different now. I’m not sure what to think. I’m new, so add me, help me realize it’s awesome. Please? Dread_Fall is my character name.

// COD Ghosts!! PS4//

Making a clan! Also looking for people to play with in general. Add plastek_shark so we can play!!

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neither photos are mine but I did make this edit.

Love this song.


neither photos are mine but I did make this edit.

Love this song.

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// I need more tattoos. //

Right meow

Loot Crate - Monthly Geek and Gamer Subscription Box

Check it outtttt!!!!! It’s pretty sweet for anyone who appreciates these things

// Loot box!//

Everyone should look into these. For realz.








This is the best thing I will ever attribute to this website and I get nothing

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